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sexta-feira, outubro 08, 2004

Censura burguesa má. Censura proletária boa. Solução é nacionalizar.

Tendo em conta as opiniões divergentes e os sinais contraditórios emitidos por alguns direigentes do Bloco, o Anacleto, fiel à sua missão de educador do proletariado, esclarece a posição revolucionária sobre a censura:

  • Censura Proletária boa

    "the proletariat may find itself forced, for a period of time, to take special measures against the bourgeoisie, if the bourgeoisie adopts an attitude of open revolt against the workers' state. In this case, restrictions to the freedom of the press go hand in hand with all other measures used in preparation for a civil war. When forced to use artillery and aviation against the enemy we will obviously not tolerate this same enemy maintaining his own centers of information and propaganda inside the camp of the armed proletariat." (Leon Trotsky, 1938)

  • Censura burguesa má

    "Theory, as well as historic experience, testify that any restriction to democracy in bourgeois society, is eventually directed against the proletariat, just as taxes eventually fall on the shoulders of the proletariat. Bourgeois democracy is usable by the proletariat only insofar as it opens the way for the development of the class struggle." (Leon Trotsky, 1938)

  • Nacionalize-se a comunicação social

    "The real tasks of the workers' state do not consist in policing public opinion, but in freeing it from the yoke of capital. This can only be done by placing the means of production - which includes the production of information - in the hands of society in its entirety. Once this essential step towards socialism has been taken, all currents of opinion which have not taken arms against the dictatorship of the proletariat must be able to express themselves freely." (Leon Trotsky, 1938)

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