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quinta-feira, setembro 23, 2004

O New York Times mente ! O Dr. Miguel Portas é boa gente !

O New York Times, esse megafone do capitalismo globalizante, do imperialismo bushista e da contra-reforma conservadora, permite-se contradizer o nosso querido líder Dr. Miguel Portas, Economista [genuflexão]. De acordo com o NYT de hoje (23/9):
"...Five years ago, the Taliban and its Al Qaeda allies were at the height of their power. They had turned Afghanistan into a terrorist state, with more than a dozen training camps churning out thousands of jihadist graduates every year.

The scene was very different this time around.

...As I toured other parts of the country, the image that I was prepared for - that of a nation wracked by competing warlords and in danger of degenerating into a Colombia-style narcostate - never materialized...most of the important militia leaders, like Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum of the Uzbek community in the country's north, have shed their battle fatigues for the business attire of the politicians they hope to become...

...some three million refugees have returned to Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban. Kabul, the capital, is now one of the fastest-growing cities in the world...

...in a poll taken this summer by the International Republican Institute, four out of five respondents also said things are better than they were two years ago. Despite dire predictions from many Westerners, the presidential election, scheduled for Oct. 9, now looks promising. Ten million Afghans have registered to vote, far more than were anticipated, and almost half of those who have signed up are women. Indeed, one of the 18 candidates for president is a woman...

...The remnants of the Taliban are doing what they can to disrupt the coming election, but their attacks...are sporadic and strategically ineffective...
Ora, isto é manifestamente falso. É um artigo de propaganda que tem como objectivo influenciar as eleições americanas. O Dr. Miguel Portas, economista, [genuflexão] afirma claramente que:
"No Afeganistão, a guerra é de baixa intensidade e as eleições são uma mera compra de votos aos grandes eleitores da terra - os chefes tribais. Por lá, todos se fingem democratas: os que colocam o voto da tribo na bolsa de valores, os candidatos que os adquirem e as multinacionais que os financiam." (Diário de Notícias, 23/09/2004, p.9)